What is Papercraft?

Papercraft (Papermodel or pepakura) of handicrafts made with the basic material of paper. Different from that is the art of origami paper folding without the cut out and glued, in papercraft, paper used may be cut and pasted and did not have a specific size. Papercraft models can be very broad and diverse, ranging from buildings, animals, robots, and even figures of characters from the anime or manga.

With only a pair of scissors and glue paper, we actually can make a papercraft. However, to facilitate the work and produce good papercraft we need some additional tools can be used the following:

Some people choose to use the cutter for cutting tools because it is more neat, clear the cutter more effective than a pair of scissors to cut the parts straight and long. Scissors are used to memotang section round or curved. Could also be used to help fold the paper thick enough with the back of the cutter or make dotted lines.

Highly recommended metal ruler but a ruler of the other hard materials are also quite good, you can also use the corner of a table or a hard object and the other as an alternative bersiku.

Tweezers is helpful if you have to put the parts that are small or when you have to work with the corners and inaccessible parts. Tweezers can also be used to clamp the newly glued and held it until dry and properly attached.

Almost the same with tweezers, you can use this tool for applying glue on the parts difficult to reach. You can also sharpen a matchstick or a stick as an alternative to a toothpick.

Or other cylindrical objects. Use this tool to work part time must be curved folded or rolled up something.

You can wear gloves when making pepakura order to avoid the sweat from the palms of the hands not of the pattern and colors fade in the paper.

A fan or hair dryer
Very helpful if you want to dry the glue on the paper quickly.

Materials that can be used for papercraft:

You can express by using various types of paper, but it is recommended that a minimum weight of paper you use is 80 grams. You can also freely change the pattern and use of paper materials different.

Use paper glue to dry quickly and do not cause noticeable scars.
Dobeltape can also be used but should be used only when you're glued to the parts that are not visible.

Or other similar aerosols. Can be used to coat a finished pepakura so resistant to water and makes you more pepakura strong and rigid.

Other Ingredients
You can use other objects such as cloth and mica to create additional aseksoris like ribbons and sunglasses. You can also use Styrofoam or other materials and creativity freely. Just have fun with your experiment.


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